Overview of Our

Roofing Services

Systems Offered:

  1. Re-Roofing
  2. Service Division
  3. New Construction
  4. Emergency & Disaster Roof Repair

Innovative Roofing's ability to maintain total project control over every phase of a re-roofing project, from demolition to new roof installation, offers exceptional advantages.

Our personnel inspect the building substrate after the old roof is removed and before the new roof is installed.

Heating and ventilation systems are carefully protected to minimize any impact on building occupants.

Our knowledge of current building codes, zoning ordinances, and fire codes helps us provide our customers with the best roofing solution for every situation.

We put a major emphasis on safety, both for our employees and for our customers. We have bi-monthly safety meetings and go beyond OSHA standards and regulations to keep our jobs safe and secure.

Innovative Roofing maintains a large, dedicated service division to quickly answer calls from customers throughout the state. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address emergencies, warranties, maintenance contracts, tenant finish, and general repairs.

In emergencies, we promise a quick response to assess damage from leaks and to make repairs on the spot. For general repairs, large or small, we draw on years of experience to try and preserve the integrity of the original roof.

Innovative Roofing is proud to be authorized by virtually every roofing system manufacturer to perform repairs under warranty. If you require work and a roof manufacturer cannot recommend a repair company in your area, call the Service Department at Innovative Roofing and we can usually arrange temporary authorization to help get your repairs started as soon as possible.

Innovative Roofing has installed or worked on virtually every type of roof system. The knowledge that we have gained and passed down from this exposure is on display daily by our experienced service technicians. We follow the best roofing practices and only utilize time tested, proven materials.

We also have a Roof Maintenance program which most of our customers find extremely valuable. The basis of this program consists of bi-annual inspections at which time routine maintenance work is performed. Additionally, Roof Maintenance customers receive preferential scheduling as well as free emergency repair calls. Preventive maintenance is vitally important to roof asset management. A building is only as good as its roof, and its roof is only as good as the care and maintenance you provide for it. Keep your costs from going through the roof with a comprehensive roof maintenance solution.

Forecasting roofing costs and potential problems is notoriously difficult. More than 25% of all roofing dollars are spent on unplanned repairs. Increase that difficulty by adding multiple properties, varying locations, and numerous property managers to the mix, and your potential costs grow exponentially.

Regardless of who installed your roof, our program can alleviate potential failures with your roof and will help protect your investment by prolonging the life of your roof system. Innovative Roofing's program is managed by our skilled personnel and incorporates the most important aspects of roof maintenance.

All of our repair customers can expect prompt, courteous, professional service, from our experienced technicians. We also provide detailed billing with digital photos showing work performed. This can be a great asset to many Property Managers.

Please give us a try the next time you are in need of Professional roofing repairs.

General contractors, architects, and developers trust Innovative Roofing to provide the most cost effective roofing solutions for every building need.

Our thorough product knowledge allows our clients to explore all roofing options within the parameters of their budgets.

Our integrated support staff coordinates all departments, serving as a single source of responsibility.

Throughout construction, deadlines are met while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

We offer a two year limited warranty on workmanship in tandem with the manufacturer's product warranty.

Innovative Roofing Group is equipped to respond to emergency repair situations that may arise from storm damage due to tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and other acts of nature.  Our repair team can be contacted and dispatched 24-hours, seven days a week.  Don’t hesitate to contact Innovative Roofing Group to protect your assets.

“What is critical in a crisis situation is how one responds to the crisis. The response of IRG to our storm damage crisis was tremendous. Before we had even made the call for service, IRG crews were en route to the affected areas. IRG’s quick response and thorough attention to securing our roofs from water intrusion undoubtedly prevented serious damage to our tenants’ goods and services. Within hours the apprehension of not knowing the extent of our crisis was replaced with the comfort of knowing we had the right people on the job, Innovative Roofing Group.”

D.F., Senior Property Manager, Selig Enterprises