IRG’s large service division provides leak response, scheduled repairs, maintenance and inspection services for an extensive list of customers throughout the Southeastern US. We use sophisticated systems and technology to receive service requests and to dispatch and route technicians. All service and maintenance work is tracked in our internet accessible, information management system, allowing building owners and property managers easy access to the maintenance history of their building(s). IRG team members are well trained, have a passion for problem solving and are always responsive, professional and safe.

Our large, full-time, dedicated team of technicians is available to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In emergencies, we provide quick response to assess damage from leaks and to make repairs. For general repairs, large and small, we draw on our years of experience to try and preserve the original roof.

IRG is proud to be authorized by all of the leading roofing system manufacturers to perform repairs under warranty. We have installed or worked on every type of roofing system commonly found. The knowledge we have gained is utilized to our customers’ advantage by our technicians – faster and more accurate problem diagnosis, and quality, long-term repair solutions.