From Our Clients

“It had been my pleasure to work with Innovative Roofing Group over the last two years and without any hesitation, I strongly encourage you to consider their services. Innovative Roofing’s professionalism, dedication, and workmanship is certainly of the highest quality and a credit to their industry”

G.J. Senior Manager, Home Depot Corporate Real Estate

“I wanted to send you a letter expressing my appreciation and respect for the job your team did in replacing the parking deck expansion joint at Metropolis over the last couple weeks. The installation appears to be flawless and we will enjoy not having to worry about the leaking joint for the foreseeable future.”

D.T., Property Manager, Jamestown Properties

“A great company that offers quick response and quality work. I have used them for years and could not be happier with the results.”

B.Y., Sr. Property Manager, Highwoods Properties, Inc.

“Innovative Roofing Group was able to meet their work schedules to complete the projects, while at the same time being flexible enough to meet Bard’s need not to impede at all on its production schedules. A safe work environment was maintained for all personnel, both on the roof and below.”

R.D.S., IE/ME Manager, Bard Manufacturing Company

“It is reassuring to have established a relationship with such an honest and capable roofing company when our building is close to needing to be re-roofed in the near future. We look forward to a long and beneficial working relationship with Innovative Roofing Group.”

Y.A., Southeast Commercial Properties

“Teri was very professional and concerned about our needs and keeping business going. She did an amazing job --- always in communication with me and my management. [Teri’s crew] did so well in cleaning. They were a delight to work with.”

L.D. General Manager, The Container Store, Atlanta, GA

“I would like to mention that we were all impressed with the quality of the repair work. If we ever need roofing work done again in the future, be assured that we will be contacting IRG.”

A.Q., HOA Treasurer, The Cannery Lofts

“You guys always do a good job for us--on our main building and the uplink building as well.”

S.H., Chief Building Engineer, The Weather Channel

“Even though we are a new client to you, we feel as though we were treated as family. Thank you again for a job well done.”

B.C., Facilities Engineer, Group VI Management

“(The tenant) was so pleased with Johnny’s work, attention to detail, and his efforts to really go the extra mile. Kudos to Johnny and all of the great folks at IRG. You guys make us all look good.”

E.P., Property Manager, Selig Enterprises, Inc.

“The residents, board of directors and staff want to thank Innovative Roofing Group, Inc. for donating roofing materials and labor at cost, on the May 29, 2008 roof repair at The Atlanta Group Home. Your kindness and generosity are certainly appreciated and we wish your company the best of everything.”

M.G., Executive Director, The Atlanta Group Home, Inc.

“Teri brings a unique woman’s touch to the dirty, noisy, difficult process of commercial roofing while assuring that she is in charge and capable of saying and doing the difficult management tasks that are necessary to achieve roofing success. In all respects, Teri has never let me down.

Most recently, Teri supervised the removal and installation of a very complicated project using Hickman materials at The Weather Channel for Innovative Roofing Group.

I am proud to have Teri Stallion as an approved applicator of Hickman roofing systems, and wish she could supervise more of my most difficult projects.”

R.W., W.P. Hickman Systems, Inc.

“Thank you for the professionalism and the thoughtful way in which you have saved us funds. It is not often that I have experienced a job done with such ease and grace.”

M.C., General Partner, Pull-a-Part, LLC

“Once again you and your team have done an excellent job with a major re-roof project. As you know I was extremely anxious about the re-roof project at the Ansley Mall shopping center. Removing and replacing 128,000 square feet of roof over 33 tenants is scary enough, but while all the shops are operating, and with a very congested parking lot it was even scarier. Just like the Seaboard Industrial project last year [replacing a roof with 400+ penetrations, while the tenant remained open for business], Teri did a superior job. Selig Enterprises is looking forward to future collaborations with Innovative Roofing Group.”

D.F., Senior Property Manager, Selig Enterprises, Inc.