We engaged innovative Roofing to perform a roof replacement on our commercial property in Alpharetta, GA in early 2021. As we went through the selection process, Innovative was the most thorough in diligence of the existing roof and attention to the specification. They communicated well and showed an interest that distinguished them from the small and well-qualified list of potential vendors. In our precontract session we quickly gained comfort because the team had been together for a number of years, they were well organized, and we were confident they would field a team to execute the work and sustain a relationship from replacement through service. Once the project got started, IRG had well-trained, highly-skilled members performing the existing roof removal and new system installation. They operated quickly without delays and with excellent housekeeping, strong attention to detail, and a clear commitment to safety. We were particularly impressed by the sheet metal fabrication and installation capabilities they demonstrated which resulted in a handsome installation from the ground (i.e., excellent match and detail to wall finishes and overall architecture). Innovative had very active supervision on site which communicated clearly and regularly with us throughout the project and as decisions were needed. The final-result is a terrific roof installation and a very satisfied customer. We would highly recommend Innovative Roofing to anyone requiring commercial roof work.