Commercial roof tear-off and replacement projects are expensive and disruptive.  Restoration of your roof, while not always an option, can be a cost-effective way to extend its life.  Due to advancements in fluid applied coating technology, nearly all roofing systems of a suitable condition can be restored.  This includes single-ply, metal, modified bitumen and built-up roofs. But why might you want to restore your commercial roof, rather than replace it?

1. Save Money

As already mentioned, roof replacements can be expensive. Restoration of your existing roof with an elastomeric coating system can save you lots of money, sometimes as much half of a roof replacement contract value. This is due to several factors including material, labor and disposal costs. When you restore your commercial roof it can also be a wise roof asset maintenance and management decision by helping to eliminate annoying, potentially damaging, and costly repairs. Finally, the installation of a highly reflective, “cool” roof coating system can reduce building energy usage, and therefore energy bills, and may qualify you for tax credits.

2. Extend the Roof’s Lifetime

A quality installation of an elastomeric restoration coating system can dramatically extend the service life of a commercial roof. The leading roof coating manufacturers will warrant restoration installs for ten years or more. Critical to a restoration project’s success is the completion of a thorough roof condition assessment by a qualified individual to determine the roof’s suitability for restoration, prior to the development of the scope of work.

3. Less Risk and Disruption

Commercial roof tear-offs are costly. They are also dirty, smelly, noisy and fraught with risk (flooding, worker and occupant safety, among them). The installation of a roof restoration system directly to the existing roof assembly eliminates most of these potential issues and risks and allows building activities to continue uninterrupted.

Restore your commercial roof

Is Restoration an Option for your Commercial Roof?

There are good reasons to know if restoring the roof on your commercial building is an option, as an alternative to replacement or simply as a strategy to extend its useful life.  For more information on restoration or to schedule time for an inspection and assessment of your commercial roof contact the team at Innovative Roofing Group today by calling 404-594-6038 or sending an email to