One of the incredible qualities of our team at Innovative Roofing Group is how these sharp minds create great opportunities for themselves and our customers. Estimator and Project Manager, Cory Bryant, is an excellent example of taking a leap of faith. Joining IRG was Cory’s first foray into roofing! He prices out upcoming bids and future reroof projects. On top of that, he coordinates the material orders and the crew timelines. We have our Vice President, Mike Cucuzza, to thank for spotting Cory’s talent.

Cory shines even brighter because of how quickly he took to the roofing industry after only a year and a half in the business. Before joining IRG, he was running his own insurance company. The most he interacted with roofing came from damage claims. Now he crunches numbers and prices roofs as if he’s done it his entire career. Cory says, “Probably one of my favorite parts of my job is the initial takeoff and estimating part of putting together roof pricing. Each roof is different and assembled differently, so I enjoy figuring out the best way to put that roof together.” He uses his entrepreneurial spirit from ten years at his home business to drive his efforts with IRG.

Also fueling his indomitable work ethic are the loved ones Cory has at home. He and his wife of 8 years, Jennifer, recently welcomed their first child. He loves spending quality time with them after work. He also recharges with his countless hobbies, some of which include deer hunting, smoking meat, and playing video games. Balancing work and down time is critical, which is why his favorite moments with IRG are during company cookouts when everyone gathers to celebrate each other and unwind.

We’re grateful to have Cory on our team. He pushes all of us to do better every day.