Jason Monford is an exceptional member of the IRG Metal Department. His mind is constantly churning with ideas to improve his work and himself. He credits his hands-on and driven personality as the reason he joined the roofing industry.

The demands of this field have always lit a fire in Jason’s competitive spirit. He has been with IRG for fifteen months fabricating metal, and he brings eight years of experience as a subcontractor with him. Together, he and his team construct IRG’s various metal roofing components with incredible precision. He says, “I enjoy being able to see a problem and accurately solve the issue.”

Jason humbly recognizes his impact on the company and the community, and he loves seeing his hard work make a difference in people’s lives. He especially admires the projects assigned to him that assist educational centers. The scope of his work inspires him to achieve more.

In his down time, Jason is perfecting his craft. He completes odd jobs to broaden his skill set and keep his mind sharp. If a task involves mechanics and numbers, then Jason is excited to tackle it. His loving family supports him in all his endeavors, and his family at IRG is proud to do the same!