Roofing is well known to be a very high-risk profession. It involves work at dangerous elevations and is hot and physically demanding requiring heavy lifting, climbing, bending, and kneeling.

Work injuries are tracked annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics based on criteria defined by OSHA. The average Recordable Incident Rate for private industry in the US, a metric that tracks the frequency of injuries per 100 workers, was 2.9 in 2016. The Recordable Incident Rate for Roofing Contractors was nearly twice that at 5.6.

It’s because of statistics like these that we work to ensure that all Innovative Roofing Group team members have the tools and training to work safely and to maintain safe job sites. As a result, Innovative Roofing Group has a long track record of worker Recordable Incident Rates, not only well below the roofing industry average but also below the private industry average.