Commercial Roofing Best Practices

Hire a Qualified Commercial Roofer

Hire a qualified company and establish a solid business relationship with them. Building confidence and trust between the customer and the roofing contractor is paramount regardless of whether you need them in an emergency or for routine maintenance services.

Have an Effective Damage Reporting System

Roof damage gets worse when it is not handled with immediacy. Make sure you have a reporting system to communicate any cause for concern to the proper party. As long as everyone knows who should be notified when a roofing discrepancy arises, repair needs are easier to address.

Understand the Contents of the Roof Warranty

Just because you have a roof warranty does not mean it covers EVERYTHING. A warranty is designed to protect you against material, manufacturing, and workmanship defects but it does come with stipulations. Reputable contractors are a valuable resource to ensure you do not void the terms of your warranty.

Control Roof Access and Modification

Foot traffic and equipment installation is a common causes of roof damage. Limiting who can get onto your roof and make modifications to it will help prevent some unnecessary wear and tear. The fewer people who can access and install equipment on your roof, the longer the life span of your roof.

Find A Commercial Roofing Contractor That Focuses on Safety

Reputable roofing contractors follow OSHA’s safety guidelines in order to keep their workers safe. Safe job sites are a sign that a company cares about its employees and its customers.

Do Proactive Maintenance & Routine Inspections

Proactive maintenance is another essential element that will extend the lifespan of your roof. Maintaining your roof proactively, prevents damage down the line. Every year that you extend your roof’s life is another year that your business can keep a roof replacement at bay.

Roofing companies that are concerned with extending the life of your investment will insist on routine inspections. These inspections are to identify possible damages that should be repaired before they more expensive problems. The type of roof system, the forestry around your roof and the climate in your area with determine whether you need an inspection yearly to quarterly.

Keep a Written Record of Roof Maintenance

Finally, ensure proper documentation of all work done on your commercial property. Organize your inspection and repair paperwork so it will be simple to review the maintenance history of when the need arises.


Taking a proactive approach to your commercial roofing needs is the best way to protect your investment. Hiring a qualified contractor and maintaining open communication with them will allow you to catch potential problems before they start.

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