commercial roof being professionally cleaned

You work hard to keep your commercial building clean. The bathrooms get cleaned regularly, the commons areas have air purifiers, and the railings get wiped down each night during closing procedures. But what about the exterior of your building? Perhaps the windows and door handles are cleaned often enough, but there’s more to it than that. Your commercial roof could be harboring dirt, debris, and more that could lead to hazardous conditions.

A Clean Roof Prevents Employee Health Problems

Imagine a commercial roof covered with fallen debris such as leaves, twigs, trash, and other items. Those materials will block water from flowing off the roof through drains, gutters and downspouts as designed. They can also retain rainwater which can lead to mold and algae growth.

If your building is like many commercial buildings, your HVAC system runs from the roof. When the roof grows mold and algae, the spores and particles can be spread throughout your commercial building by the HVAC system. Anyone who already suffers from respiratory diseases may begin to feel an increase in symptoms, and those who were once healthy might begin to experience respiratory symptoms for the first time. By having the roof cleaned, you protect the building occupants from a potentially unhealthy environment.

A Clean Roof Exposes Roof Issues Before Damage Can Be Caused To Your Building

As commercial roofs age, they often develop small problems that should be addressed, but many building owners don’t realize those issues exist. This is especially true on a dirty roof as issues like a crack in the membrane surface or an open flashing may not be easily visible. When a trained crew gets up on the roof to clean it off, they expose small minor (and major) roof performance issues so they can be repaired before real damage to the building from moisture infiltration.

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