The Tanner brothers have an incredible family legacy at Innovative Roofing Group. Watching them interact, you immediately notice an extraordinary sense of brotherhood and mutual respect. The family of seven grew up in rural Georgia without much financial wealth but with an abundance of love. They are the ultimate outdoorsmen. When they are not working, they can be found fishing and hunting.  From an early age they learned the value of hard work and how to use their hands to build and fix just about anything. Mark Tanner began working at IRG in 2016 and serves as a Senior Account Manager. Randy, the Sheet Metal Department Superintendent, followed shortly after with brother Ricky, the Sheet Metal Department Supervisor. When asked what they like most about working Innovative Roofing Group, Mark said he enjoys interacting with all the different customers. Randy loves that he gets to work outdoors and see different places all over North Georgia and beyond.  He also gets great satisfaction seeing the result of each project.  Ricky loves getting to work with the great team at Innovative Roofing Group. He also loves when the job provides challenges he gets to solve. One thing all three brothers agree on is that they feel blessed they get to work with each other every day. Innovative Roofing Group is lucky to have the Tanner brothers…among the best in the commercial roofing business!