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What Are the Benefits of TPO Roofing?

In commercial roofing, it can be hard for property owners and managers to know what membrane technology is best suited for their building. In a series of blog posts, Innovative Roofing Group will provide useful information about the most commonly specified roof waterproofing membranes: TPO, PVC, EPDM, and Modified Bitumen. Today we will attempt to demystify Thermoplastic Polyolefin, commonly referred to as TPO.

Installed Cost

TPO is usually the most affordable single-ply roofing membrane to install. The membrane material cost per square foot is relatively low. There are many methods in which the membrane can be attached to the roof deck, and the installation process is fast and simple, which reduces the total installed cost of a TPO roof.

diagram of TPO roofing material

Strength & Weatherability

TPO membranes perform very well against predictable weather elements. They demonstrate excellent UV resistance and easily handle the typical thermal expansion and contraction that occur on well-designed roofs. TPO membrane seams are heat-welded together, ensuring a chemically monolithic waterproofing membrane that is less reliant on adhesives to perform than most other roof systems. TPO has solid tear and puncture resistance, although TPO roofs have the same problems of any single-ply roof systems in that they are composed of only a “single-ply” of waterproofing protection.


TPO roofs are relatively easy to maintain. Mold and mildew growth is unlikely on the surface of TPO, and dirt and debris that accumulates can be easily washed off without damaging the membrane. The details and seams of most TPO roofs are visible on the roof surface and, therefore, simple to inspect. Identified issues and deficiencies are typically inexpensive to repair.

Energy Efficiency

Light-colored TPO membranes can be very energy-efficient when designed properly. They will keep buildings cooler in the warm months by reflecting the sun’s rays. In fact, TPO membranes surpass ENERGY STAR requirements for reflectivity laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency. They can also help to keep buildings warmer in the cold months when designed with sufficient insulation.

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