Summer is the time to kick back, relax, soak up some rays and enjoy a more carefree pace of life but it is definitely not the time to be cavalier about maintaining the integrity of your roof.  Direct sunlight and heat can wreak havoc on your roof if you don’t take preventative measures to protect and care for it during the dog days of summer. Here are some of the most significant effects UV rays and heat can have on commercial roofing and what facility managers and property owners can do to combat them.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light can cause damage to your roof any time of year but in the summer, the light is coming at your roof’s membrane at full impact with extreme intensity. Believe it or not, UV light can penetrate on cloudy and overcast days too. This light causes roofing materials to deteriorate at an accelerated rate creating cracks, buckling, peeling, splitting and brittle/dry spots on the roof.

High Temperatures

Though there is a great deal of forestation in Atlanta, some buildings don’t have the benefit of shade.  Those roofs are the most vulnerable to extensive heat damage. If it’s a hot, 90-plus-degree day, temperatures on your roof can be over 150 degrees. These high temperatures can cause your roof’s materials to break down more rapidly.

Expansion and Contraction

In the summer, temperatures on your roof heat up during the day and then cool down quickly at night. This fluctuation in temperature causes roof expansion and contraction. This cycle puts a lot of stress on your roof, leads to more wear-and-tear, surface damage, weakens the overall integrity of the roof structure, could result in a warped or split roof and shortens lifespan of the roof.

Material Deterioration

When UV rays and high temperatures target a commercial roof, they damage the roof’s surface. Your roofing system is made up of chemicals whether you have a TPO roof, a modified bitumen roof or a metal roof. The UV rays and heat causes these chemicals to deteriorate over time.

Sealant Damage

Your roof sealants are an essential component to preserving the lifespan of your commercial roof. The sealants provide protection against the damaging elements in all four seasons. UV rays and high temperatures compromise the integrity of those sealants by breaking them down and preventing them from doing their job effectively.

How to Prevent UV Ray and Heat Damage

Although all of these factors may cause roof damage during the summer, there are several ways to protect your roof.

Regular Maintenance: Regular roof maintenance is ESSENTIAL. Continue to clean off debris during the summer and be sure to have a trained professional repair any damaged areas immediately. Neglect will cause your roof to deteriorate faster but prioritizing regular routine maintenance and cleaning will lead to a longer lifespan on your roof investment.  Innovative Roofing Group offers maintenance and cleaning contracts. Contact us today to schedule a thorough maintenance service.

Inspections: If your commercial property is surrounded by trees, we recommend you have your roof inspected quarterly. If not, at the very least, you should have your commercial roof inspected annually for signs of sun damage or other roof deficiencies. Any damaged spots should be repaired immediately.


There are many different types of damage that can impact your commercial roof, especially during summer. When the temperature begins to rise, be sure to take action immediately in order to preempt potential damage. Taking the necessary precautions can help to strengthen the structure of your building and keep you from needing to make costly repairs.

INNOVATIVE ROOFING GROUP is here to help you protect your investment.  Contact us at  404-351-8798 so we can help you protect your roof against the UV rays and high temperatures of the North Georgia summers.

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