retrofit of a metal roof

When you think about a commercial roof, metal may not be the first material that comes to mind. However, when designed and installed correctly, metal roof systems outlast and outperform the majority of other roofing options. Why waste your time with inferior systems when you can spend just a little more to have a roof that you can count on for long-term, weather-tight, low-maintenance performance.


The Butler Difference

Metal roofs expand and contract due to the daily changes in temperature and weather.  The Butler MR-24® metal roof system is designed to accommodate this movement by using a special clip-and-tab assembly formed into a double-locked, field-seamed system.  Since the tab can move within the clip, the roof is free to expand and contract, and Butler’s exclusive Pittsburgh double-lock standing seam assures consistent weathertight performance. The Butler MR-24® metal roof system is the industries most trusted and durable option for metal-over-metal commercial retrofits.

Superior Life Cycle Cost

Studies have shown that the life cycle of a properly installed and maintained steel roof system is 60 years. That means your Butler roof will last two to three times longer than a comparable single-ply roof, if maintained. A Butler MR-24® Roof system is an investment in the future of your facility.

Energy Efficiency

With a Butler reroof, considerable insulation can be added to the roof assembly which will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Buildings consume more than 40% of all the energy in the world today. It’s likely that the majority of that energy in your commercial facility is leaking through the roof.  A new Butler retrofit will fix your water leaks as well as the drain on your building’s energy bills.

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