maintenance plan

Roof Maintenance Plan

Even the best roofing system requires expenditures from time to time. If you perform routine maintenance, you get peace of mind and uninterrupted business operations and avoid most water and storm damage to your existing roof. Having a solid plan with your roofing contractor enables you to protect your roof at a lower cost than just responding to problems as they happen.

At Innovative Roofing Group, we can help you put in a commercial roof maintenance plan that meets your company’s needs. This will also give you greater budget clarity when larger-scale roofing projects may be necessary.

Critical Elements of a Maintenance Plan

Nobody is better to maintain and care for your roof than a professional contractor. It is optimal to do so on a scheduled basis, whether or not repairs are needed. The purpose of a plan is to avoid costly and emergency repairs. A project typically consists of at least three elements:

  • Regular inspections to determine roof condition
  • Roof cleaning to limit unnecessary aging
  • Correction of roof deficiencies and potential leak sources

If your roof is in good condition, these actions will remain relatively inexpensive. It is also essential to know that most warranties require annual roof inspections and maintenance to comply with the warranty terms.

Additional Measures to Consider

You should also plan to include gutter and debris cleaning that could impact roof performance and longevity. Requesting additional inspections after an extreme weather event can also be helpful. The cost of a maintenance plan depends upon the size of your building.

Our goal at Innovative Roofing Group is to prevent and solve commercial roofing problems for our customers. Call us today at 404-594-6038 or email us to get a quote on a maintenance plan or address any other of your commercial roofing needs.