Your roof protects your building and all that is in it. Most facility managers would agree that maintaining their roof would be a wise investment of time and resource, however, few actually do it.  Flying debris and seasonal debris buildup present some of the biggest threats to the performance of a commercial roof. This debris includes leaves, twigs, and even trash that carries in the wind. Without proper maintenance and debris removal, you are likely to encounter serious roofing problems.

Debris Creates a Home for Pests and Organic Growth

Most critters and pests love the twigs and leaves that gather on your rooftop. Squirrels, for instance, love to take branches and piles of leaves to create their nests. The problem with this is that squirrels, birds, and other animals can cause significant damage to your roof. Additionally, a mixture of wet leaves and blowing dust can quickly turn into rooftop compost, the ideal place for seeds to grow. Plants that germinate can easily become effective obstacles to intended drainage paths. Furthermore, the root system of plants, shrubs, and trees can quickly destroy a roofing system.

Debris Can Lead to Water Ponding or Leakage

Where you have debris buildup, you are likely to encounter roof drain and gutter and downspout blockages. When this happens, water can pond on the roof which can present many risks. Ponding can contribute to premature membrane failure and, attract dirt and algae. Excessive ponding can create a live load on a building’s structural components that exceed the design criteria leading to damage or even collapse of the roof deck. Clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to gutter leaks, roof leaks, façade leaks, rotted building elements, and mold growth.

Do not skip out on roof maintenance. It is particularly crucial at this time of the year, after the leaves have dropped from the trees. During a routine seasonal maintenance visit intended primarily for debris removal, a non-invasive roof inspection can be performed which can help to identify deterioration or damage to the roofing system before it becomes a disruptive problem. Innovative Roofing Group provides solutions for all of your roofing needs. Call 404-594-6038 or email us today to set up a consultation!