If you are like most commercial building owners and tenants, you are always on the lookout for ways to save on operating costs. With summer soon to be upon us, absent course correction, the cost to cool your commercial property will again rise.  There are, however, cost effective actions that can be taken, on the roof, to improve your commercial building’s energy efficiency during the cooling season.

Reflective Roofing and Coatings

A reflective, or “cool”, roof can do wonders for commercial building occupant comfort and can significantly reduce the costs to cool the building. By reflecting the sun’s rays with a reflective roof surface, your building will absorb less heat and be less costly to cool. Installing a highly reflective roof when a roof replacement is needed is an obvious and typically followed specification decision. But, did you know that a traditional roof in good condition can often be cost effectively upgraded through the application of a reflective coating system? There are a wide range of highly reflective roof restoration coating systems suitable to be installed on nearly every roof surface. These restoration coatings will often pay for themselves through energy savings over time. Simply reach out to a roof restoration specialist for guidance.

Regular Cleanings

Good for you, if you already have a “cool” reflective roof installed on your commercial building. But, if you aren’t regularly maintaining that roof, you likely aren’t gaining full value from it because If not cleaned, cool roofs, will lose a huge percentage of their reflectivity over time. That translates to meaningful loss in energy efficiency for buildings and higher energy costs for building owners. Thankfully the remedy is easy and inexpensive . . . simply have your roof cleaned regularly by a reputable commercial roofing contractor.

More Insulation

A short time ago, the roof on your commercial building was designed solely to provide waterproofing protection from above. With the emergence of the International Energy Efficiency Code (IECC), today’s commercial roofs are expected to insulate your building as well. The added insulation in a modern commercial roof can contribute to dramatically lower building operating costs by reducing the building’s heating/cooling requirements. Adding insulation when replacing or recovering your commercial roof will help to keep the building cool in the heat of summer by allowing less conditioned air to escape.

Contact the Professionals

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