After unprecedented winter weather in the South over the holidays you might want to check on the status of your TPO roof. Hopefully, your membrane withstood the freezing temperatures with no damage. Unfortunately, there will be more frigid days ahead. The good news is that it is not too late to take the necessary steps to prepare your roof for the next cold wave. Here are some important winter TPO roofing tips.


Winter preparation is a quick way to ensure that your TPO roofing membrane is in top shape and your commercial roof will remain secure and dry for the remainder of the season. While you can look forward to the advantages your TPO roofing will provide during the winter months, like increased energy efficiency and long-term durability, you still need to complete winter prep for increased assuredness. Learn what makes a successful winter prep checklist and who to call for TPO roofing support and roof inspection.


TPO Assessment 

While TPO is an excellent roofing material and relatively low maintenance, it is essential to have a yearly assessment (at minimum) to ensure the roof is holding up just like it should. This needs to be done by a trusted, qualified roofer because they have the knowledge and skill to diagnose roof deficiencies, make any necessary repairs and prepare your roof for winter.

Winter Preparation Checklist

Below you will find a list of what should be assessed during the pre-winter inspection in order to maintain the integrity of your TPO roof.


·         Roof Membrane

Are there any holes or damage to the membrane? Ice storms or hail can lead to penetrations in the roofing membrane that will lead to roof leaks after melted snow or rain.

Are there weathered areas on the membrane? Over time, TPO roof membrane will wear down with UV exposure, as well as temperature changes, and eventually, lead to leaks. It is important to check for these before severe weather event

·         Seals & Edging

Is there any deteriorated sealant? Sealants will wear over time and can crack with thermal movement. It is important to make sure your seals are intact so water does not make it into the roof system.

Is there any open flashing? Flashing is an important and often overlooked area of roof systems. Making sure your flashings are fully intact is another important step in making sure your roof is protected from leaks over the winter.

·         Drains, Gutters & Downspouts

Are all drains, gutters, and downspouts in good, working condition, and free of debris?

Is the water flowing freely through the drainage system? If there is any backup of water on your roof over the winter, it can cause leaks, as well as ice buildup on your roof that can lead to further damage.

 Contact a Roofing Professional for a Winter Roof Inspection

Contact the trusted name for commercial roofing in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas for more information on scheduling regular assessments and maintenance on your TPO roofing system. A roofing professional will perform a winter roof inspection to ensure winter readiness, make minor membrane repairs and detect any major roof damage. Innovative Roofing Group (404)351-8797 offers commercial roof repair, service, maintenance, and installation to meet all of your service needs.

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