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Roof Maintenance: Spring Cleaning

After a harsh winter, your commercial building requires a bit of spring cleaning to prepare for the warmer days ahead. Many business owners and property managers overlook the importance of exterior maintenance even though it’s essential for commercial roof preservation. Without proper routine maintenance, your roof’s lifespan will be shorter, and a premature roof replacement could be on the horizon. By inspecting and cleaning your roof now, you are increasing the lifespan of your roof. Still, you can also preempt significant issues from developing and generally improve the aesthetics of the building.

For your next spring project, use the checklist below to ensure your roof is ready for summer and discover how Innovative Roofing Group can help you with any essential repair projects or inspections to maintain your property and keep your roof in optimal shape.

Inspect for Roof Damage

Checking for damage on your rooftop can help you pinpoint any potential issues. Spotting roof issues can be complex, so hiring a seasoned professional like Innovative Roofing Group is paramount. Contractors can help identify damaged areas, avert any leakage into the building, and prevent premature renovation projects.

Gutter Cleaning

Winters are known to cause a significant build-up of loose debris on the rooftop and clog the gutters with leaves, moss, sticks, etc. When spring rain comes, the gutters will quickly begin to overflow, leading to structural damage on the rooftop and the building. This means you’ll be tasked to pay for costly repairs that could have been easily avoided by regular gutter maintenance. In addition to clearing your gutters, check for signs of damage such as cracks, rusting, or any loose sections on your gutter system.

Trim Branches

Trees provide shade and help improve your building’s curb appeal; however, they can create risks if trees are close to your facility. For example, when a large branch breaks off during a storm, it can puncture the membrane. It is imperative to keep trees properly trimmed to avoid roof damage.

Mold/ Algae Inspection

When standing water and ice subside with the warmer temperatures, inspect your roof for any signs of mold, as trapped moisture can create issues on your roof. Mold can increase the risk of damage and water leaks. You can hire a roofing contractor to clean any mildew, moss, or other growths from your roof to prevent this from happening.

Interior Inspection

The exterior of your building shouldn’t be the only place that gets inspected for damage. The interior should also be checked. There could be signs of water damage showing on the ceiling, walls, or in high corners. Spotting water damage as soon as possible can alert you of roofing deficiencies that need immediate attention.

Schedule a professional inspection

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